Non Communicable Diseases Prevention and Management

The Village Microclinic focuses on prevention and management of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, malnutrition and neglected tropical diseases in our polyclinics. Our network of community health workers support their communities through community education on prevention of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, malnutrition and neglected tropical diseases; home visits to support persons living with diabetes, high blood pressure and neglected tropical diseases; provision of basic first aid; community mobilization to reduce stigma and discrimination of persons living with chronic illnesses.

Reproductive health

The Village Microclinic offers education and tools to girls, and women and couples to allow them avoid unwanted pregnancies. Community health workers sensitize and offer counseling services in the community on family planning and link girls and women to health facilities.

Child and maternal health

We make a special effort to eliminate under-five mortality in Burundi which is among the worst in Sub-Saharan Africa. Apart medical services provided at our medical polyclinics, we recruit, train, equip and pay Community Health Workers who are actively involved in: pregnancy tracking and referral for antenatal care and delivery in health facilities, screening of and referral for danger symptoms in pregnancy or in neonates, home visits, counseling communities on the importance of immunization, good nutrition and hygiene. Community Health Workers also diagnose and ensure emergency treatment of acute respiratory infections, diarrhea and malaria.