Our aim is to inspire and empower people from peri-urban areas and slums of Burundi to advance their own health and wellbeing.

  1. We will serve the people coming to us with respect and we recognize that are dignified human being;
  2. We will respect differences of culture, race, religion and believes in our catchment area;
  3. We will facilitate the implementation of UN sustainable goals by providing basic health and social needs of the people we serve and promoting equity with a particular focus on gender-equity and implementation of sustainable solutions in the communities we serve;
  4. We will give support regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, origin and religion to the communities we serve based on assessment of needs and capabilities to meet these needs;
  5. We will promote local ownership of sustainable initiatives in partnership with government entities, private institutions and civil society;
  6. We will help build and strengthen local capacities and ensure that girls and women are empowered as key players in the development process;
  7. We will create partnerships and networks with all stakeholders involved in our area of work;
  8. We will be open, honest and transparent and report on the impact of our work;
  9. We will adopt and require our partners to adopt zero tolerance policy to corruption and bribery.