The King Baudouin Foundation Belgium Delegation Visited Us at The Village Microclinic.

It was a pleasure and a honor to receive at our headquarters located in Gishingano the King Baudouin Foundation Belgium delegation composed of Hervé Lisoir (International Program Coordination) and Stefan Schäfers (Director) accompanied by Déo Niyonkuru this Saturday, October 7, 2023. Our Founder and CEO, Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana, presented to them the condition of the premises of the first pavilion of The Village Microclinic and the health services offered to its neighboring community.

Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana talking to the guests in his office at The Village Microclinic

Talking about the idea of creating The Village Microclinic, our founder Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana indicates that where he lives is down the steep slope from where they built the first pavilion. While he was still a medical student, alongside with his mates, they provided health services via community outreaches. When he completed his studies and worked as a medical doctor, he was called upon by traditional birth attendants for last aid after having tried everything without success. But also, children who had caught a fever were taken to his house.

The King Baudouin Foundation Belgium delegation composed of Hervé Lisoir (International Program Coordination) and Stefan Schäfers (Director) accompanied by Déo Niyonkuru

Dr. Tharcisse had nothing to do but evacuate them to nearby hospitals using his car. “At that time there was no health center nearby. And sometimes, when I returned home, I could find a second pregnant woman at home. I was forced to go back and forth to the hospital while I was also working full time as a medical doctor to another care facility. This is how I thought of creating The Village Microclinic to provide medical services close to the community, especially women and children.

Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana talking to the guests outside The Village Microclinic that has a view of Bujumbura Town

Dr. Tharcisse informed the guests that some members of his organization have completed the specialization namely a gynecologist, a pediatrician and a cardiologist. “They are currently engaged in public health structures but come from time to time to support the work of The Village Microclinic. If there are referrals, they refer them to healthcare structures. People who are referred to public hospitals, we have contacts who are there and before referring, we’re sure that there is someone who will receive them. »

Hervé Lisoir saying good bye to the staff members of The Village Microclinic

As for hospitalization, Dr. Tharcisse indicates that The Village Microclinic will hospitalize in gyneco-obstetrics and pediatrics but that they do not yet have enough beds for hospitalizations.  For the moment, Dr. Tharcisse indicates that they are waiting for a final visit from the Ministry in charge of Health when all the equipment will be ready to grant them final agreement to finally work according to medical ethics. “For the buildings, they appreciated it positively », he assures.

The Village Microclinic Received Visitors from Oasic Church UK

At The Village Microclinic, we were honored to receive Dr. Johnson Antoinettte Céline (Gynecologist) and Afoladi Matthew from Oasis Church UK escorted by Micheline Barandereka, Founder & CEO of Shekinah Center. They visited us at our headquarters in Gishingano district on October 03, 2023. Our Founder and CEO Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana told them the story behind the first pavilion of The Village Microclinic and its impact in the neighboring community so far.

Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana lives down the steep slope where the first pavilion “Barry Segal Pavilion” is built.  Before getting the idea of building that first pavilion, Dr Tharcisse used to have some women with pregnancies complications from his neighborhood coming to his home for ultimate assistance. “These pregnant mothers were accompanied by traditional birth attendants who were no longer able to do more for them. They were coming to my home to seek Health services which were not available at my home. The only thing I had to do was to rush them to the nearest hospital. It was too sad to see them in such critical conditions.”, he tells.

From compassion to building a clinic

Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana thought how he could do something to help his community. The idea of The Village Microclinic was born. “ I founded The Village Microclinic to bring health services close to the community especially for women and children because I was touched when I had carried someone to the hospital at night and when back home I found another one waiting for  assistance. Even though I had to carry them to the hospital, it was not enough.

Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana together with other medical doctors started by tracking the pregnant women early in their homes.  “We encouraged them to go to the nearest health facilities. It was just an idea and we performed mobile clinics without these health facilities. I had a small piece of land, and I decide to build a room. I went on a hard fundraising journey and got funds to purchase additional land and built the first pavilion.

From fatigue to sigh of relief

Building the foundation of the first pavilion, as the land is located on the steep slope, was not easy. “We had to collect the stones from the river down the slope and we had to carry them on head. It was tough. However, the community and friends helped me so much. Every weekend, they were with me correcting stones.

To conclude, “We have a plan of extending by building a second pavilion there. We’ve been helped by many funders and donors to acquire the land and also to get the architectural design.

The Village Microclinic received Marnie Rickards from The DAK Foundation

Marnie Rickards from The DAK Foundation from Australia visited us at The Village Microclinic on July 25, 2023 at our headquarters located in Ntahangwa Commune, Gihosha Zone, Nyabagere District. Our founder Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana presented her how The Village Microclinic was created and its impact so far.

Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana, Founder and CEO of The Village Microclinic talking to Marnie Rickards from The DAK Foundation at The Village Microclinic headquarters

Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana tells Marnie Rickards from The DAK Foundation that The Village Microclinic plans to expand by building a second pavilion which will have 4 floors. This second pavilion will have different services like pediatrics, surgery, … Dr. Tharcisse informs that it will cost almost 1 million US dollars (1,000,000 USD) and that he has already started the fundraising and many people are helping to make it happen.

Marnie Rickards with some of The Village Microclinic team members

Talking about the sustainability impact of The Village Microclinic and how it is serving the community, Dr. Tharcisse tells Marnie Rickards that The Village Microclinic is committed to fight against malnutrition as the latter is generalized in the community it is serving. 

To make the impact sustainable and contributes to the funding of its activities, The Village Microclinic has initiated the income generating activities amongst the nearby community. It is also producing chlorine which is sold to other hospitals and health centers that need it.

Gould Family Foundation visited The Village Microclinic

On Tuesday August 03, 2022, a delegation of the Gould Family Foundation paid a visit to The Village MicroclinicThe objective of the visit was to congratulate The Village Microclinic for the progress made toward building the first Pavilion of the medical polyclinic and identify further ways of collaboration.

As The Village Microclinic prepares to open the first medical clinic soon, its founder Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana showed and presented to the Gould Family Foundation’s delegation The Village Microclinic‘s achievements so far.

Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana pointing at the area they will add up construction. Picture by Andika

Dr. Tharcisse also mentionned some recommendations from the Ministry of public health and fight against AIDS about the construction.

Nevertheless, he confided that some challenges never lack though they are trying to find a way to overcome them.

The Gould Family Foundation’s delegation was composed of Deborah Aloyo, Manager Biomedical Programs and Operations, Alain Binamungu Heri, Lead Biomedical Technician-French Speaking Countries, and Justa Sindayigaya, Biomedical engineer for Burundi and Congo.

Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana at the left and the Gould Family Foundation’s delegation at the right

Dr Tharcisse Nshimirimana rejoices for that visit is in the line of improving health and well-being of less served communities.

Segal Family Foundation Delegation Visited The Village Microclinic

The Village Microclinic was visited by the Segal Family Foundation delegation this Tuesday, June 21, 2022. Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana, the founder and CEO of The Village Microclinic had the opportunity to present to this delegation the activities already accomplished and other ongoing activity for the well-being of the community in slums and peri-urban areas. 

To start, Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana indicated that the construction works of the premises of Rukundo Medical Polyclinic are going well and that after the agreement of the ministry in charge of health, this medical center will be inaugurated. He took this opportunity too to inform that some materials are missing.

Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana, presenting to the Segal Family Foundation delegation how The Village Microclinic manufactures chlorine. ©

Presenting to the Segal Family Foundation delegation how the Village Microclinic manufactures chlorine, Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana informed that this chlorine is distributed freely to places that welcome many people namely churches and schools for the disinfection of hands and toilets. Asked if a certain quantity of this chlorine cannot be sold so as to increase the income and chlorine production, Dr. Tharcisse replied that before the certification, it was a bit complicated but that now with the certification, it really is possible.

Informing the Segal Family Foundation delegation, Dr. Tharcisse Nshimirimana indicated that apart from the Rukundo Medical Polyclinic, a second large pavilion will be built to welcome a good number of patients from the suburbs and peri-urban areas who have to walk long distances to reach a health center.

Large pavilion project of Rukundo Medical Polyclinic. ©

This large pavilion will be built on five floors and will include the services of gynecology, pediatrics, hospitalization, internal medicine as well as a large laboratory.