The Village Microclinic considers health more broadly than lack of illness. The Village Microclinic is aware that health is highly influenced by the conditions in which we live and work and our illnesses start long before we go to see a medical doctor. The Village Microclinic educates our communities to understand and consider health as something which starts in our communities, churches, schools, offices long before we go to consult a medical doctor.

 The Village Microclinic has implemented a five step process to recruit, train, equip, manage, and pay talented community members to provide lifesaving healthcare and services to their neighbors. Community health workers support their community through: community education on prevention of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and neglected tropical diseases; home visits to support persons living with HIV, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, malnutrition and neglected tropical diseases.

In Burundi, most families have to walk many kilometers on foot to reach the nearest health facility. The Village Microclinic organizes mobile clinics on a regular basis to reach out the communities we serve in our medical hubs. Mobile clinics offer a variety of services including: low cost medical consultations, non invasive low cost screening tests, health education, lifesaving medicines, emergency transportation, free screening of diabetes, hypertension and HIV.